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A lot of you may be wondering why did we settle on the name Kelly’s Bedside journal? The truth is all the information was found from Kelly’s notebook even though it wasn’t by his bed and it was actually next to his couch (which he may use to nap) in his office. Just kidding we really just needed something to grab your attention and maybe get you guys to look at what we write sometimes. The premise of tis is to be able to have all the company information in one spot whether that includes our new marketing videos, our weekly updates, Superintendent updates, and some top secret Wisschee content. I have added some FAQ’s down below so please refer to those if you have any questions. If your question was not answered below feel free to reach out to anyone other than the marketing team.

How often will the site be updated: Our goal is to at minimum update it weekly with at least the new weekly reports. Other information may be updated more frequently or less frequently.

Why are we doing this? As TWC grows and people can not stay caught up on email as it is we are hoping to eliminate some of the TWC all emails and have a centralized location for both important information and for fun workplace entertainment.

Who’s idea was this? You can thank the sales departments fearless leader Eric Doering for coming up with the idea.

If we have something we think should be posted how do we go about that? Your first step would be to reach out to Jonathan TerWisscha and he will either be able to post it on the website for you or help you get admin permission within reason for posting important information that is valuable for the company to see.

What are the interactive features? Almost all articles videos and posts will have a comment section at the bottom that will allow you to post comments on individual posts.

Is participation mandatory? It is highly encouraged and recommended that you visit the website on a regular basis however we can not monitor your involvement and usage


Can content be shared outside of the company? Content is meant to stay internal however some content may be shared outside if it is beneficial for any reason.


Is the website mobile friendly? The website is mobile friendly! At the moment we do not have an app but may be potential for a future development on one if we see high usage and engagement.


Can we rename the Journal? Name suggestions are encouraged however very unlikely that we will accept unless you come up with something outrageous and appropriate (a hard combination).

– Jani