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Dr. Danny Earl

“In the midst of all the chaos, there’ a tremendous opportunity for clinics that can do this efficiently.” Dr. Danny Earl, Covenant Care Animal Hospitial, San Antonio TX

Dr. Earl was in the process of project planning and training for a brand NEW practice when the world shifted in March. He quickly implemented a very effective strategy to take advantage of new business. His plans were not stalled; Dr. Earl and team opened their brand new facility in August 2020.
    In this interview, Dr. Earl shares:
    1️⃣ Key strategies to not only maintain revenues during an unusual time, but see an increase (they saw a 30% uptick)
    2️⃣ Dr. Earl’s perspective on curbside and telemedicine for the future. Is it here to stay?
    3️⃣ His vision for the NEW practice (and the key area they will reduce pressure for a more effective and efficient workspace).
    4️⃣ The ONE principle to build your culture around for continued growth and stability

    Thank you for your time, Dr. Earl.
    – Kelly, Keith, and the TWC Team