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Leadership Update

Brian Heinen

Hello Team TWC:


              Happy Friday!  I hope everyone had a great week.  Congratulations to Tyler Johnson who was named the August Nailed It Winner!  Please help me congratulate Tyler.  Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Finance Department Lunch and Learn.


              This week the Project Budget Reports were turned in for active construction projects and Installation, IT, and Warranty for department reports.  Overall, we had some wins and some losses, but overall, we had a very successful month (August).  We have continued to see an increase in overall volume and the team is handling the increase with improved communication and teamwork.   We will share more information when we meet in person in early October.


During our Leadership Meeting, this morning we discussed our October Training Schedule.  Our schedule will be published with next weeks update.  We also discussed how the project cycle effects workload between departments and individual workloads. 


Have a great weekend!




People Headlines

Bobby, Joe G, Gregg and Jon. Nice job on the Snyder job in Arkansas.

Thanks to Stephen for helping out at Salem. Appreciate all you did. – John

Thanks to Shawn and Joe Dorn for working through some obsticles at Lifetime. – Eric

Building Maintenance Work Order request.

data>data> public > facility maintenance> building maintenance work order request form


Projects on the move

DDA signed with Jack Deck at Myrtle Veterinary Hostpital in Coquille, OR. 

Contract signed with Dr. Landon Brough and Sonoran Sky Pet Hospital in Mesa, AZ 23-02-015

Congratulations to Tyler Johnson for winning the August Nailed it.

Nominated by Bill Wenchell with the Core Value.. We Lead With Integrity.

I have the pleasure of working with Tyler on Kinetic and VSCLI. Both projects are a bit complicated. On VSCLI he stepped in as the 3rd project manager. I was initially worried that we are throwing this new guy right into the fire. He has hit the ground running and any concerns I had that he might not be the right guy were wiped away. He is very organized and is doing an awesome job with staying on top of it all. He has been an awesome addition to the TWC family and I look forward to working on more jobs together in the future.

Nominated by Jake Gora with the Core Value.. We Are A Team With A Can Do Attitude

I would also like to nominate Tyler for Leading with Integrity. He has taken on a few challenging projects as a Project Manager and seems to do it with such ease. I rarely if ever see him get worked up when dealing with challenging subcontractors or project situations. Part of the reason I don’t really have a good example of this is because he is cool as a cucumber! Tyler is a great example of someone who has a can do attitude and leads with integrity.


The owner’s husband at Two Rivers has been providing us with some drone video’s (Link is below).


Congratulations on getting the Certificate of Occupancy on Laredo Project!! Great job team!!

Safety First

Take protective measures when there is a chance of falling or moving objects.
Falling or moving objects disable more than 260,000 workers a year. Of every 100 workers hurt, 14 are struck by something falling or moving. Wearing the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can help workers avoid this kind of accident. In order to determine the appropriate PPE, complete a Hazard Assessment for all tasks performed. This will also identify exposures and needed controls.

Basic PPE:
• Safety glasses: When the job calls for them, always wear safety glasses. These must be:
 Approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
 Equipped with side shields.
 Kept clean.
 Checked for proper fit.
 Supplemented with additional eye protection when required by the Hazard Assessment.
• Hard hats: Head protection is a must on certain jobs, especially around overhead work or where there might be falling objects.
• Safety shoes: Ensure that your shoes are capable of protecting your toes from falling or rolling objects.
 Additional protection may be needed, such as metatarsal guards, if specified in the Hazard Assessment.

Be alert:
Regardless of the protective equipment that you choose to wear, the best defense against falling and moving objects is to be alert to potential hazards around you.
• Stay clear of:
 The areas under cranes, suspended loads, and overhead work.
 Barricaded areas.
• Stand clear when you hear warning bells, horns, power trucks or any other overhead equipment.
• Everyone should take an active part in assuring the safety of others.
 Warn unauthorized personnel about dangerous areas.
 Make sure that all employees are aware of the hazards of the worksite.
 Prevent injury to yourself and others by not dropping tools.