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Leadership Update..

Brian Heinen

Hello Team TWC:


              Thank you to everyone who joined us on Thursday for the Warranty Lunch and Learn.  It truly takes everyone working together to produce a quality product for our clients.  We are confident that the TWC team does their best to deliver!  Great job Stephanie with presenting the stuff no one wants to talk about…

              Thank you to everyone who joined us on Tuesday for the Benefits meetings.  Thank you to Venieta for lining up the presenters and coordinating the paperwork.  Please get your changes/updates to Venieta as soon as possible.  We are one of many companies that are renewing benefits at this time of year.  We need to get the updates to the appropriate vendors and make sure payroll is ready for the changes starting the first week of January.  With your help we can make sure everything is accurate.


              Congratulations to Kevin Groth, the October 2023 Nailed It winner!  Your teammates had many positive things to say about your drive to make TWC’s accounting accurate.  Thank you for all you do!


              This week we reported our Project Budget Reports along with budget updates for Instillation, Warranty, and IT.  It will take a few days to update all of our reports, but the preliminary numbers are pointing in the right direction.  We had two projects that our team is putting a ton of time and effort into getting across the finish line, and that is causing a hit, but other projects are closing out and recognizing the gains we have made through efficiency and buyouts.  After all the plusses and minuses, we are happy to report that for the fourth straight month we had a gain overall.  Great job team!


              From the reports this week it sounds like just about everyone will be home next week for Thanksgiving.  I wish everyone safe travels and that you can spend time with those your loved ones.  Personally I am thankful for the TWC Team and the ability we have to make our clients dreams come true!

People Headlines

Thanks to Brian H for cleaning up all of the inactive jobs in Procore! – Amy

Thanks to Erin for her willingness to help with Procore stuff! – Amy

Thanks to Bonnie for always being willing to help with whatever I need! – Amy

Thanks to Bonnie for always being willing to help with whatever I need! – Amy

Tillman- Kenetic- Helping out with a lot of items and keeping project on track

Shane- VSCLI- Working with Cole S last week to get him back on track.

Thanks to Nikki L helping with the updated safety form

Thanks to Nick N for helping Nikki L figure out what type of ceiling fan was in the bathroom so we could fix it and then going past that and sending a link to the extact one. Much appreciated.

Thanks to Lisa A and Kevin G for getting Venieta the numbers she needed for compliance testing.

Thanks to Keegan and Amy for getting Procore Analytics off the ground. 

Thanks to Jeff for going out to Brea, that has a huge help.- John

Thanks to Nick N for all the work he has been doing working with the owner on the epoxy. Thanks to Mike G with his help on this as well. – John

Thanks to the Kinetic team: Tillman, Dean, Andy, Dave D, Anthony, James and Tyler for trying to get it done. – John

Thanks to Zach for having the awkward conversation with Moe about what he owes us. – Kelly

Thanks to Stephanie for her Warranty presentation during the Lunch and Learn Thursday. 

Thanks Venieta for her coordination for the benefits meeting on Tuesday. 


PPA with Austin and Tanya Robinson and Robinson 24. This is a new addition. 


Here is what Kevins Nominators have said about him.

Nominated by Keegan Kidder with the Core Value We Are A Team With A Can Do Attitude. I needed some payroll reports quickly for a review of our Work Comp audit and even with Kevin’s massive workload right now, he got them to me extremely quickly. Thank you, Kevin!

Nominated by Corinne Denore with the Core Value We are A Team With A Can Do Attitude. I think majority of our team members doesn’t really know how much workload Kevin have in his plate currently and in the passed couple of months. He’s doing WWP books, covering for payroll and still working on his regular workload. Even though I can see that he’s stressing to meet all the deadlines, he always shows can-do attitude when other team members needed something from him. It’s amazing how he can juggle everything and meet all the crazy deadlines…! Kevin you’re awesome!!

Nominated by Cole Erickson with the Core Value We Are A Team With A Can Do Attitude. Kevin is notoriously reliable. He will step in whenever someone request help or even if they dont. I cannot count the number of times he has overheard someone that needs help and has asked how he can help or if he can help. It could be as simple as helping carry something or covering for someone so they can go on vacation or take a break. I mean he did two jobs for months and did it with a smile.

Nominated by Rachel Coleman with the Core Value We Are A Team With A Can Do Attitude. Kevin agreed to temporarily take on the payroll responsibilities after Britt left. His workload has been bursting at the seams for weeks now. Last week he was able to process 2 payrolls (regular PR and then the Bonus/Commission Payroll) in the short week of the TWC Fall Event even after having 23 missing timesheets on Monday. Additionally, he completed a WWP payables run. All in 3 days.

Nominated by Erin Wilson with the following Core Values…

We Are Fun. The quick wit on this guy. Keeps the office on its toes just waiting for the next zinger. When it hits, you remember, ” this , this is what I’ve been anticipating for the last three weeks, two days and four hours (since the last one, you know) Where has this joke been all my life? His hearty laugh, you can’t help but laugh along. Keven, you bring a joy to your teammates. 

We are Innovative. Kevin is stretching himself to make sure the whole company continues to get paid while the finance team irons out new payroll procedures. His CAN DO attitude is pushing the whole departments ability to be INNOVATIVE in a time of transition into what may be the…unknown, in a galaxy not so far away!

We Lead With Integrity. Kevin took on huge role when he stepped up to temporarily cover payroll. He didn’t know how long it would be and he took each new week with stride and a smile. If at any moment he was stressed about the extra work you didn’t know it. He laughed through each heavy busy day and still supported the finance team and the TWC family as a whole with his awesome number crunching skills. Thanks for making sure we all got paid Kevin!  



Hello TWC,

We had our monthly Safety Committee meeting this week.

We were once again accident free this month. We will continue to press forward in making TWC as safe as we possible can.

We had a small attendance again this month. We are looking at ways to get the entire committee to attend meetings, which can be difficult given travel schedules and onsite demands

Our big focus this month was discussing Near Misses and report Safety Violations. There will be a tool box talk this week on what exactly defines a Near Miss

We are also working on standardizing the incidents for Safety Violations as to make them easier to track within Procore and Analytics.

Lastly we came up with a gameplan to tackle our AWAIR Program. The program itself is well done, but the details of who does what are very unclear in the background. This is going to be a massive undertaking but will come away with a lot of progress.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to Keegan.