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Dr. Matthew Silvius

“Of all the texting and video calls we’ve been doing, 10% of them are with customers who have never been to us… and then started coming here as new clients.”

Dr. Matthew Silvius and his partner rose to the challenge of the Covid restrictions by implementing even more telemedicine procedures in their Clinic.  

Telemedicine is a supplementary service that can meet people where they’re at.  People are very excited about the convenience and effectiveness in cases that can be addressed at a distance.  

    In this interview, Dr. Silvius shares:
    1️⃣ The most valuable opportunity for the Patient AND the clinic that most aren’t seizing
    2️⃣ How to guide seasoned staff into embracing this new opportunity
    3️⃣ His vision for the future of technology in the Veterinarian industry

    4️⃣ The first step in implementing telemedicine (and what limitations we should be expecting)