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Kelly TerWisscha

Job Title: CEO

Years in the Industry: That depends on what you consider starting in the industry, my mother had calls from the neighbors when I was seven asking if she knew that I was on a roof shingling with my father, beyond that I started full time in the industry in 1985.

Joined TWC Team: Once again, that depends, I worked part time about as long as I can remember but full time since 1985.

Favorite Part of the Industry: Working with clients to see their dreams become reality.

TWC Culture: Honesty and Integrity but above all Family.

Hobbies: Travel, hunting, skiing, pulling kids wakeboarding, very involved in kids hockey, gymnastics, baseball and football.

Key Job Skills: Fairness and the ability to see both sides of almost any issue

Hidden Talent: There’s not much hidden about me, what you see is what you get

Clients Value: Communication skills and the team approach to problem solving.

Community Involvement: Past member of the CCS school board, past president of MN Associated Builders and Contractors, past board member of the National Association of Builders and Contractors, past president of the Green Lake Property Owners Association, Co-Founder of the Green Lake Kids Triathlon, various church committees, member of Vet-Partners, (wow, that’s a lot of “pasts”, I must be getting old!)