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Travis Anderson

Why I like my job: I like to see designs develop from ideas into complete buildings. After the floor plan stage, it is always fun to take the client through the virtual model and get a preview of the finished product. These virtual tours give clients a better understanding of their space, can even give the client inspiration for design, and can expose problems before construction begins.

What I enjoy about the Construction Industry: I enjoy collaborating with a team. From clients, coworkers, consultants, and contractors, we create a team of diverse mindsets and skillsets able to achieve a tangible goal.

TWC is a great place to work because: We have a tight-knit group of skilled and dedicated workers that get along, get work done, and still find time to have fun. Bonus: Meeting people throughout the nation for each job, and being part of an impactful industry.

Outside of work I: Play hockey, coach hockey, watch hockey. If there is no hockey I read books, play guitar, golf, and just generally wait for hockey.