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Jesse Hulscher

Why I like my job: Why I like my job? Everyday is different! Working with client from all over the country on different scopes and sizes of projects sometimes brings about unique challenges and issues and in my role I get to work to help find solutions for those to make the overall design and construction process as smooth a process as it can be.

What I enjoy about the Construction IndustryIt is so cool to work with a client at a starting point of “I have an idea” or “look at this doodle I made” and see it all the way through to walking in the doors of your new building. We get to come in on the front end of things with so many things up in the air and questions to be answered and make sense of it all and turn it into someone’s dream!

TWC is a great place to work because: Might sound corny but I think our team operates more like a family than a business. We aren’t afraid to hold each other accountable and sometimes there are hard conversations to be had, but we leave each night knowing we have the respect and support of our co-workers. We like to work together but than that we like to have fun together!

Outside of work I: enjoy anytime I get to spend on the golf course. My boys (3 and 5) are very much into sports and the outdoors so getting to spend time as a family at the course is really a win-win! I am kind of a social butterfly so getting to spend time at social gatherings or sporting events with friends or family is always an enjoyable time!