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Jake Gora

Why I like my job: I like my job because it is challenging and I learn something new almost every day. It allows me to work in my strengths, can be exciting, and has a lot of life lessons. It also provides an atmosphere where I get to work with unique group of individuals and people all over the nation.

What I enjoy about the Construction Industry: What I enjoy about the construction industry is you get to be apart of something being built from nothing or something being turned into a gem. There are so many things to learn and so many ways to improve how things are done. It is a great environment to have your skills sharpened, work with many different people, and be a part of something bigger than yourself.

TWC is a great place to work because: TWC is a great place to work because it allows me to be me, while at the same time challenging me to be better. I have grown both professionally and personally since being hired at TWC and that can be difficult to find in the work place today. I have awesome co-workers that treat you like family and want to see you grow.

Outside of work I: Hang out with my family (wife, son, and daughter), watch football, work on my house, read (Marvel comics and books), go to the lake, listen to music, build stuff, typical man stuff.