TWC Projects / Death Care / BASLER FUNERAL HOME

Basler Funeral Home is a 4th generaltion family-owned funeral home in the historical district of town.  After several additions, the existing building was still not able to provide a functional, efficient space for the staff to work with. The exisitg building also had a parking problem that they feared would deter families from choosing their business. The team at Basler decided it was time for a new building to include all of the functions required to operate their business. The new building, designed and built by TWC, was able to provide them with everything they needed. The end result was a functional, efficient space with ample parking and a bright, warm atmosphere for the families they server. Basler Funeral Home provides a chapel with seating for 250 people, a spacious lounge for a family of 50, and enough office space for the staff to work comfortably.