"We are an established practice of more than 35 years with a solid client base. With the practices continued growth, especially orthopedic surgery, we need a larger facility to accommodate this growth and to have space to offer additional services.  Efficient functionality both in energy use and staff use is a must.  The fixtures and finishes need to be reliable, functional and low maintenance.  It should also be easy and as inexpensive as possible to update the décor as needed and also to add or change for new technologies that may need to be incorporated."  Dr. Richard Odegard TWC “broke ground” (8 yards of concrete that is) in order to renovate and add on to a prior auto dealership for this practice’s new and expanded location. 6 exam rooms, a Tri-Treatment Table, and a Double Surgery Suite offers efficient functionality both in energy use and staff use along with adaptability for new technologies.  The 2nd floor of this 8,713 square foot facility includes doctor and intern offices, a large staff lounge, an exercise room and available leased space of 1,261 sf. Click here the Kindness Animal Hospital Project Profile.