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In the summer of 2014 we began site work on Dr. Coffman’s facility in Allen, TX. Dr. Coffman wanted to build a state-of-the-art luxury boarding and daycare facility for his community.

The ACE Pet Resort is a steel building is 5,954 square feet which provides plenty of room for luxury boarding, grooming space, two indoor play rooms, an outdoor walk-in, saltwater, swimming pool for the pets, and an indoor play yard that is both heated and cooled to accommodate Texas weather. In addition, two of the play yard walls are lined with garage doors which, when opened, convert the space to an outdoor area allowing the pets to get ample amounts of fresh air and ventilation.

The exterior of the facility has a modern, sleek design. The modern interior is a continuation of the exterior which helps to provide a clean feel throughout the entire space. Dr. Coffman elected to add a large amount of windows so the space is flooded with natural light which helps the guests feel more comfortable. Bright, cheerful paint colors were selected to add a fun, playful element to the space

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