Clark And Houghlin Funeral Home

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Clark and Houghlin Funeral Home is the results of two of the oldest funeral homes in the community combining to offer services and a facility that will be unmatched in the area.  Field Houghlin, co-owner with Susan Clark, announced during the ground breaking ceremony , the new funeral home will be a state-of-the-art facility that will meet the needs of Bardstown and Nelson Counties. "We are providing the quality of service we did in the past, just in a new location." This new 12,500 square foot structure has the ability to serve three visitations in seperate chapels at one time or by opening up the folded wall panels hold a gathering of over 250 people comfortably with a loose chair seating arrangement.  An enclosed music room at the rear of the chapel provides the funeral director with visual and audio access to the chapel. On one side of the spacious lobby is a large, octagonal family lounge with a small serving kitchen providing capabilites for the family to serve snacks and beverages.  The large covered porte cochere provides protection from the weather for the hearse, lead car and the following family cars.  Ample family parking is located near the porte conchere for convenience in forming funeral processions.