Fairland Animal Hospital

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Fairland Animal Hospital is located in Silver Springs, MD and was a ground-up construction project for TWC. We originally met with Dr. Jeff and Maggie Whall in 2010 but the construction phase of the project didn't start until 2013. This project spent years in the development phase of our process as Montgomery County Maryland does not have zoning that allows animal hospitals. To purchase property and get it approved for use as an animal hospital requires a special exception and about 12 months of processing to get approved. The project is located on the last remaining parcel of land that was owned by original settlers to the area and at one time had a barn on it as part of the original homestead.

The exterior of Fairland Animal Hospital is inspired by a traditional barn structure to mimic it's historical beginnings. There are two separate entrances for dogs and cats. This separation continues on the interior with two different waiting and check in/out areas which helps the animals to feel safe upon entering the clinic. The interior was designed to have a raw appearance with the wood ceiling and flooring to fit the architecture of the region. It's a unique, first class project with country charm.