Welcome to TerWisscha Construction

TerWisscha Construction, Inc. (TWC, Inc.) has been providing professional services from architectural design to construction services since 1963. The ingenuity and integrity that our team members possess has given us the reputation of being the leading source for the Veterinarians, Dental Professionals, and Funeral Directors in our markets. We are building state of the art facilities throughout the United States and Canada.

TWC's unique approach to the Design/Build process starts by teaming with you in the very beginning phases of your project. From assistance in site selection, project feasibility, and design options, we work with you to see that your project is accomplished in a way that will be best for your business and budget. As a partner with you, we are committed to study the changes in your industry so that you are assured of having a facility that will help you meet your client's needs today and into the future.